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We established Yamaguchi Starlite Co., Ltd. in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

It is a great honor for us to start operations of the production center to create new and unique products. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration for Yamaguchi that has a connection with Starlite.

With the new site, we pursue our goals of realizing cutting-edge technologies such as automation, mechanization, and rationalization of production processes in our group. We will promote sales to customers in the Kyushu region and expand production capacity in the Chugoku region.

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Zip code:754-0894
Location:3-26 Sayama, Yamaguchi-City, Yamaguchi
Operation Start Date:January 8th, 2018
TEL:+81-83-902-0910 FAX:+81-83-988-0099

News Release

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