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STARLITE exhibits at The 3rd Automotive Weight Reduction Expo.

STSTARLITE exhibits at the fair for three consecutive years to attracts attention from the automotive market for its distinguished plastic processing technology especially in view of weight reduction and high performance.

  1. “Active Grille Shutter (AGS) ” for The Improvement of Aerodynamics and Fuel Consumption. STARLITE propose the improvement of aerodynamics based on its successful track record. In our booth , we will introduce most advanced application method of Active Grill Shutter first time in Japan.
  2. “Under Body Shield” using Seeberlite , the Lightest , High-Strength , High-Sound Absorption Material. “Seeberlite” is the best low-weight and high sound absorption material. We introduce the latest information related to the full coverage of body undersurface which can be achieved only by Seeberlite!
  3. “Hi-Tech Insert Molding ” for Vehicle Electronic Pump Please feel the our latest injection molding technology which enable weight reduction, high performance, and the cost down for electronic pump. for vehicle at our booth.

If you need the invitation ticket request , please “contact us” on our website We will send one as soon as possible.

3rd Automotive Weight Reduction Expo website is here.

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