Research and Development

Research and Development Efforts

Tribology“Tribology” is the science of applied engineering concerning the phenomena and processes of friction, wear, and lubrication that occur between contact surfaces.

As a business partner for technology development

We meet customer expectations based on material design technologies cultivated by our long years of experience and extensive track record, manufacturing technologies that maximally utilize the performance of such materials, and analysis & evaluation and analysis technology that support the above two technologies. We strive to always stay on top of state-of-the-art technologies centered on plastic in advance of market needs. We go beyond just using these technologies, and will continue to maintain the technology development capabilities which enable us to offer newly developed, innovative technologies as a business partner.

Starlite's Corporate Strengths ? Generating needs through cutting-edgetechnologies? Highly creative product development? Track record with highly acclaimed jointdevelopment

To create functions exceeding expectations

R&D Network
R&D Network

Since foundation, Starlite has continually had its own Research and Development Department that has kept creating products to meet market expectations. We will co-create new functions through global collaboration inside and outside the Company, which is centered on the "Technical Center," our R&D headquarters at the Ritto Plant.