Corporate Information

Sights and scenery that we hold dear

  • Bell of Peace & Love
    This bell was installed on the company grounds along the hope of ex-chairman Takaaki Saigo to "ring the bell every day, and pray for the ascendance of a spirit of peace and love." Its ringing tone is part of the company atmosphere.
  • Ebisu & Daikoku Bridge
    Figures of Ebisu and Daikoku (gods of good fortune), built to pray for happiness in the community and prosperity of the company, greet us with their smiling faces every day.
  • Starlite Shrine
    There is a shrine dedicated to the Japanese god "Inari" at the Ritto Plant that looks after the safety of guests and employees.
  • Metasequoia Boulevard
    The abundant nature around the Ritto Plant forms part of the scenery of the surrounding area.
  • Clock Tower
    The clock tower is a remnant of a driving school which once existed at the Ritto Plant.
  • Pagoda Trees
    At the Ritto Plant, rows of pagoda trees, one of the world's rare trees, present a magnificent scene. They are a testament to the history of our company.
  • Peafowls
    The keeping of peafowls began when former Chairman Takaaki Saigo took in birds with no place to go, with his spirit of harmony with nature. Today they are a popular fixture of our company.
  • Gateway Lanterns
    At the entrance to our head office, a work entitled Rendezvous by the glass artist Keiko Miura glows with a special beauty in the evening.
  • Paintings by ex-chairman Takaaki Saigo
    Various locations inside the company are decorated with the paintings of ex-chairman Takaaki Saigo, who forged our company's history.
  • Guard Station Cafe & Gallery
    The entrance to the Ritto Plant is lit up at night, and a large star appears. In the guard station gallery, we periodically hold exhibitions of art by local elementary school children.
  • The Six Ways of Thinking
    "The six ways of thinking to help people live affluently as people" which were the mottos of ex-chairman Takaaki Saigo are engraved at the side of the entrance of our head office.