Corporate Information


Always one step ahead, always changing.

Starlite has developed the capabilities to support daily life in many different areas of our society. We bring joy and inspiration to our customers.
We respond to difficult requests with technologies and original thinking.
Since foundation, we have maintained an approach based on technologies and services that are always one step ahead, always changing.
Starlite will continue to take new steps in new directions without hesitation.

Starlite’s Spirits

We do not just make and sell products. Starlite creates a prosperous future through co-creation with customers.



Everything starts from relationships.

We owe our present position entirely to relationships. As a company that exists to exceed the expectations of our customers, we always create partnerships with a spirit of gratitude. Our role is to discuss the future with our customers and realize their dreams.



Always responding with state-of-the-art technology.

Our mission is to respond rapidly with high-level technologies and services at the moment a customer makes a request. In order to realize functions essential for new steps for humankind, we always learn from the most advanced technologies in our era and stay prepared so that we can make a rapid response to our customers.



Creating excitement found nowhere else.

We create unique technologies and services that generate excitement among the public. Our unique functions are not available anywhere else and draw the world’s attention. Such functions are incorporated into actual products and services to bring happiness to our customers. We make continuous efforts to satisfy customers who demand high quality.



Acting as a beloved part of society.

We are all biggest fans and supporters of Starlite. For that very reason, we will continue to be a shining example of putting our hearts into Starlite’s technologies and services.



For our planet.

We want our work to always follow a sustainable path in harmony with nature. We avoid a mindset focused on immediate compromise or benefits for ourselves only. Instead, our principle is to love all living things and serve others to ensure a brighter future for coming generations.