Corporate Information

Efforts for Protecting the Environment and Quality Assurance

We are fulfilling our responsibility to humankind and the environment with advanced technologies and a strong vision for the future.

Efforts for Protecting the Environment

Throughout the Group's business activities, STARLITE strives to reduce an impact on the environment. STARLITE also conducts comprehensive environmental protection activities in conjunction with suppliers.
STARLITE complies with laws and regulations concerning environmental preservation, constructs a management system, reduces electricity consumption / waste discharge volume, prevents leakage accidents and continuously operates and improves the system. Regarding chemical substances with potential for environmental pollution, STARLITE carries out risk assessment, continuously monitoring and measuring air/water quality, noise, etc. to prevent environmental pollution.

Environmental Policies

Starlite strives to prevent environmental pollution (preventing Lake Biwa, the Gonokawa River, and the Yuragawa River from water and soil contamination) in every aspect of our business activities, obeys laws and regulations related to the environment, and works on energy conservation, recycling, and waste reduction.

Through manufacturing, we contribute to protection of the global environment.
Efforts to reduce weight and improve fuel economy


Using our unique material design technology based on engineering plastics, we consistently meet the challenge of increasing strength and precision, and achieve lighter weight by shifting from metal to plastic.
In addition, we help to improve automobile fuel economy by using analysis technology for sophisticated layout design and improved aerodynamic characteristics.

Efforts to reduce environmental impact by using oilless/greaseless products


We reduce environmental impact by using plastic bearings with self-lubricating properties (requiring no oil or grease) that we have developed. We also help to reduce the need for maintenance by utilizing the outstanding wear resistance characteristics of plastics.

Efforts for Quality Assurance

Our ideal image is to become “an enterprise that can be trusted as a business partner.” We need to have many factors to be actively chosen by our customers as “a trusted business partner.” In addition to rapid response and proposal-making ability in the conduct of our business activities, our top priority is the maintenance and improvement of good quality. We have also set “quality policy and objectives” at each of our production bases in Japan and abroad, and we are striving to assure quality that satisfies our customers.

Quality Policy

Starlite maintains and enhances our quality management system to earn customers’ trust as a business partner.

Main Activities
  • We seek quality maintenance and enhancement in the entire Starlite Group, and make efforts based on the “ISO 9000 series” of international quality standards.
  • We make efforts based on the “IATF 16949” standards for the automotive industry at related production bases.
  • We facilitate quality enhancement in a system that enables timely information sharing in order to maintain and enhance quality level throughout the Group.

Activities to contribute to the local communities

  • imagesInternships

  • imagesSummer evening festival with the participation of local residents
  • imagesCommunity clean-up activities

  • imagesExhibition of artworks by children from neighboring elementary schools
  • imagesDonation activities to contribute to the local community in China
  • imagesDonations of personal computers in Thailand


ISO certifications


ISO 9001 certification
  • Ritto Division
  • Automotive Parts Division (Hiroshima Plant)
  • Thai Starlite Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Starlite Plastic Products (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.


IATF 16949 certification
  • Automotive Parts Division (Hiroshima Plant)
  • Thai Starlite Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Starlite Plastic Products (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.


ISO 14001 certification
  • Ritto Plant
  • Automotive Parts Division (Hiroshima Plant)
  • Thai Starlite Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Starlite Plastic Products (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.