Business Overview

Fluorescent tube type LED lamp, SP.Feathelight®

All-plastic fluorescent tube type LED lamp

Fluorescent lamp or high-frequency type replacement

For those who have installed LED lamps, but had problems with quality

  • Lightweight
  • Heat-emitting
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Excellent color rendering
Installation locations

Distribution centers, production plants, food processing plants, platforms, shops, cafeterias, clinics, etc.

By replacing the aluminum used as a heat sink in ordinary LED lamps with Eleserve® highly heat-conductive resin developed by Starlite, we have achieved all-plastic construction. Weight is reduced by 30-50% compared to fluorescent tube type LED lamps made by other manufacturers, and previous glass-type fluorescent tubes. This reduces the weight load on ceilings and fixtures, minimizes falling danger, and enables safer and more worry-free use.
Our SP.Feathelight® is equivalent to the IP65 protection grade in terms of waterproof and dustproof specifications, and can be used in semi-outdoor locations such as under shop eaves, or on protruding roofs of platforms. They have an average color rendering index of 80 or more, improving color reproduction, and can be used in plants where color discrimination must be performed.
Each lamp has a service life of 40,000 hours, is made in Japan for safety and worry-free performance, and has passed various verification tests. Our customers go as far as to include those who made the choice to switch to our product having already installed an LED product from another company. Even if you have already installed LED lighting, feel free to consult with us if you encounter quality problems.

Model name

FLK1200-13-1 (40 W fluorescent tube equivalent, 1,200 mm type)
FLK2400-17-1 (110 W fluorescent tube equivalent, 2,400 mm type)

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