Business Overview

Living, Safety, and Disaster Prevention

Starlite disaster prevention technology supports safe and secure living.

We have created unique function in a diverse range of fields, including development of Japan's first plastic helmet, shock absorbing materials for beams, portable toilets for disaster response, and seismic-resistant materials for protecting the wooden structures of shrines, temples and cultural properties from earthquakes. Going forward, we will continue to pursue weight reduction, comfort and safety as plastic professionals.



We create plastic possibilities by combining state-of-the-art plastic material technology and products closely connected with daily life.

  • images Rolls for bread making machines
    • 非粘着
    • 衛生
  • images High reduction gear unit for electronic locks
    • 省スペース
    • 高精度
    • 軽量化
  • images Neutron shielding material
    • 守る
    • 軽量化



As a pioneer of plastic safety helmets, we are developing products to meet needs in specific work applications.

  • images Firefighter's helmet
    • 耐熱
    • 守る
  • images Helmet with heat stroke sensor
    • 守る
    • センサー
  • images Helmet cleaner「Washmet」
    • 快適性

Disaster Prevention


By exploiting three technologies based on tribology?seismic isolation, vibration control, and seismic resistance?we propose disaster-prevention systems suited to a wide range of applications, from high-rise to wooden buildings. We protect everyday living spaces as well as the precious wooden structures of cultural properties.

  • images Seismic-resistant ring
    • 守る
    • 簡易施工
  • images Friction lining for vibration control brake damper
    • 止める
    • 守る
  • images Restar® shock-absorbing damper
    • 守る
    • 軽量化